The journey to becoming Dr. Wu has been life changing. As I began the EDD program in Instructional Technology and Distance Education at Nova Southeastern University, my goals and interests changed. Having had the background of an ESL instructor, with an interest in distance education, my interest in the beginning was creating my own online teaching platform. However, I found that idea very limiting, as I progressed through the program. In my first course, in the principles of distance education, I learned of other avenues for distance education, including telemedicine. At the time, I thought it was an interesting idea, but not something for me. That all changed when I became a caretaker for my father who was both physical and cognitive disabilities. As I observed my father's speech-pathology sessions, I noticed the similarities between Speech-pathology and ESL. It is this idea that spawned my interest in telepractice with speech-pathology. I am currently working on my dissertation on this area.

Teaching Philosophy

I have taught ESOL in a number of different settings from middle school in China, volunteer adult education to university.In some institutions, the curriculum is strictly enforced with little flexibility, while others have a lot of flexibility. There are many types of learners with different learning styles. As each learner has different learning styles and abilities, designing the curriculum, as well as the technology needs to take these aspects into consideration, whether it be at a brick and mortar institution or an online distance institution. It is important to continually evaluate the curriculum and whether or not the students are learning. If they are not learning from the lesson, it may be necessary to change either the technology or the lesson plan.